Monday, October 29, 2012

Sunshine After

Last week I made a ghostly cupcake, deco has never been my thingy, but I think it was pretty cool.

I might even make a batch for Halloween.

Mila came to stay for the weekend.

Saturday morning was GREY.

We were all GREY and moody.  When Michael and I returned from work we took Mila to Delta Park for to play in the awesome park


It was closed for a function.

Next I took Mila to Bright Water Commons (rain was belting down), I knew they would only have the trick or treating on Wednesday but some times when it is midweek they also do something on a Saturday night.  No such luck.

Mila and I only saw scary teenagers.  To top up a perfectly miserable day Michael's rugby team lost and Jess' closest school friends decided they were  not friends with her any more so we were a miserable lot.

Sunday morning I had to go to work again.   Jess built Mila a blanket fort and she had a great time playing.  When we came back from work Penny and Craig had arrived to fetch Mila, fortunately  Penny and Craig needed to shower at our house because their power had been destroyed by the storm. So while they were showering Michael and I took Mila to the fun park at Delta Park.

Since we saw it we have been excited about taking Mila to it.  So fortunate that we have a little person to borrow.  Why were there no places like this when we were little?  We want to sneak here in the middle of the night so we can play on it.  The slides and climbs are so cool.

Mila is wearing her new hippy pants that her  Mommy and Daddy bought for her  this weekend.

Spot Mila's hand

Uncle Michael said we must take this picture spot the static making her hair stand up!

This place is awesome and completely free!  

Within minutes Mila made friends.   She developed a little crush.  She brought a little boy to us to introduce him.  Driving home she could not stop speaking about him.


"I still remember his name, Carl, that is such a nice name for a boy.
He can't run as fast as I can, maybe if I see him again I can teach him to run properly.
He is so funny.
He can do cart wheels but he can't do other gymnastic things like I can do I will have to teach him."

When we got home Michael said:

"Oh boy Mila is going to be boy crazy when she is a teenager."  My sister always says she is going to send Mila to Carmen when she is a teenager because Carmen lived with her when she was a teen.  Watch out Carmen!

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