Friday, November 23, 2012

Cheering is hard work

Sunday past the annual big 94.7 Cycle Challenge happened.

It comes past our house so we took lawn chairs and our braai to the front yard, made and ate breakfast while watching the cyclists pass.

First came the professional cyclists who had not even worked up a sweat yet and were going at a speed that made it look as if they were cycling on a level road.  These photos are deceptive we live on a steepish hill, this is the most uphill part of the course and a little less than half way.

Cleo not understanding why we were hanging out in the front yard climbed in the flower pot to try and see what we were up to.

Once the experts have past the cyclists dressed in funny costumes start passing.

A break down close to our home, we did not have a bicycle pump, fortunately another cyclist stopped to help this guy.

If I were to take part in this event I would definitely do it on a tandem bicycle.  Michael would of course be doing all the work.

People that live across the road from us were doing the same thing.  They did not make it for the entire race as they were drinking beers from about 7 am.  I think they were back in bed passed out by 11 am.

As with any even there are always cheats this guy was lying down all the way.

And this guy was using wings.

Many people had fake rhino horns on their cycle helmets.  Poachers are wiping out our rhino population.  We have lost around 570 rhino this year.  The reason is FUCKED UP.  Certain dumbass Asian men believe that rhino horn makes them more potent.  This has been scientifically proved to be a fallacy and yet they continue to do their best to wipe out our rhino population.  I agree with the people that want to start poisoning rhino horn.  Lets kill these horny bastard idiots.

 This guy brought a cow with.

 For some reason some companies all cycle around ice cream carts for charity.  They don't sell any ice cream, which was a pity because it was very hot.

Our hands were blistered, we had sun stroke from the sun and yet people like this guy told us to keep cheering while all they had to do was cycle along.

 As the last people started coming along more and more people were walking.  That is what I would do be doing.  Michael and I had an argument at this point.

He was telling people that the up hill was nearly over.  I felt this was unfair as he was giving them false hope as the up hill carries on and on and on and on and on.  It gets steeper and steeper and steeper.

He insisted that people need hope more than reality.

Most of these people cycle for charity.  Well done you were all awesome!

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