Sunday, November 25, 2012

Romantic bubble burst

I was lying in bed next to Michael this morning, thinking about what an awesome husband he is.  Seeing that our wedding and meeting anniversaries are both coming up in December I thought I would write a romantic blog telling about how we met and how wonderful my husband is......  Michael burst that bubble:

Me (all gaga eyed):

"Do you realise that this December we will have been together for 9 years?"


"9 years that is longer than what Schabir Shaik was terminally ill for."

(Non South Africans let me explain who Schabir Shaik is.  He is our president Zuma's buddy.  He was convicted for fraud and sent to jail for 15 years.  A few months later he was released from jail on medical parole because he was terminally ill.  The poor man is doing remarkably well since being released in 2009.  It seems that leaving jail turned his health completely around.  He now enjoys a good game of golf.  Perhaps he went to see a healer, but he seems in extremely good shape for a dying man.)

I am not sure if it is because of Michael's lack of romance but when I typed "Johannesburg" in on Facebook, "Johannesburg Gay Girls" came up so now I am not sure regarding my sexual orientation.

On a completely separate note something really funny happened this morning.

In South Africa we have car guards who "watch" cars in parking lots (not particularly effective because they are unarmed and in some areas they are dishonest and  rob our cars of items while they are "watching them.)

We live on the slip road of a busy street.  Today there was a marathon which started at a club across the road from our home.  There were cars parked everywhere in our road.

Michael had to go to work.  As he drove our car out of our driveway, a car guard came running up to him.  He wanted Michael to pay him, because he was "looking after our car".  Not only was our car parked in our garage, we also have a high wall around our house, electric gate and electric fence on top of the wall.

Michael's response to this car guard who had suddenly decided to guard the cars in the street we live in was:


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