Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Political Vice in South Africa

South Africa is suffering due to corrupt politicians not being held accountable.  If anything they seem to be encouraged.  Currently they are even trying to get our media to stop reporting about their wrong doings via a bill that says that reporting certain things is against the countries security.

Recently when it became hot news that our president is planning to spend R20 000 000 of our tax money on revamping his PERSONAL home.  He did not apologise he complained that reporting this was against national security.

We have always had bad politicians.  I had so much hope for our country when apartheid was ended and President Mandela was leading us.  Since then everything has gone DOWNHILL.

Do you know that in a certain province (state), school children never received their text books for the entire year!

Look at this link, this is the kind of President that I want for my country  Best President in the world.

Then we have this cow  Lindiwe Sisulu.  She has been have a party of a life time using our tax money flitzing around the world.  She thinks she is Paris Hilton and has forgotten about all the poor starving people in South Africa whose money she is partying out.

A politician commented on her spending and she in parliament called him "flea infested" (please click on the link to see the shocking news report).  The worst part is she will keep her job and only get a light rap on the knuckles.

I am worn out by our politicians; their:

  • careless expenditure
  • disregard for human life
  • disregard for women's rights
  • blaming everything on apartheid (It was a terrible evil but it is nearly 20 years later surely there has been enough time)
  • sense of entitlement
  • rudeness
  • vulgarity
  • inability to take criticism

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