Sunday, November 11, 2012

Futureself Protect yourself!

Dear Futureself,

I love you so much because you are so awesome, intelligent, beautiful, kind, funny ..... (There are so many reasons I can't keep listing them.)  Anyway back to the reason for this letter. I am writing this letter to you because you are in MORTAL danger!

You know how much we love our husband Michael? He is such a sweetie pie that we forget.  Now Futureself pay attention to my warning.

Do not promise to wake up Michael up when he goes for an afternoon nap.

It happened to me today.  I  promised to wake him up and I forgot what happens.

A kind charming man goes to sleep but what you wake up is a Zombie Sailor.

This Zombie Sailor swears worse than any sailor in history.  His eyes roll back and saliva dribbles out of his mouth.  His crazy arms gyrate out in an attempt to catch us, bite us and turn us into Zombies.

Then the Zombie Sailor falls back asleep.

An hour later the Zombie Sailor emerges from the bedroom.

Zombie Sailor:

"Why the @#$$$%%% #$%% (language is to foul to write) did you promise to wake me up if you were not going to?"

Now fortunately I managed to run away or I would not be writing this letter to yourself.  I returned later and Michael was back and Zombie Sailor had fortunately left to find more victims.

This is what I suggest you do next time he asks you to wake him up.


"Please wake me up at 5 I am going to have a nap."


"Here is your cell phone set the alarm and wake yourself up, I am way, way to busy vegetating on this couch."

All my love from,

From your gorgeous, stunning, funny ...........



  1. This made me laugh!! My husband is the same way!!

  2. This is so creative - writing a letter to yourself. I enjoyed it. Very funny. These Smartphones are as their name implies, smart, and they all have alarms. Good advice to yourself!

  3. Stay safe Leia remember never offer to wake him up :-)

  4. Yip no need to put myself in harms way ha ha.