Friday, November 2, 2012

The Difference between Men and Women

Last night we were watching a recording of stand up comedy, the comedian was Jeff Foxworthy, he was not doing his usual, "You know you are a red neck if...." but he was talking about the difference between men and women.

I laughed so much because he said:

 "My friend told me he was getting divorced.  When I got home I told my wife.

Then the questions started, "Did one of them cheat?  Who is staying in the house? Did they try counselling?"

Now when my friend told me it was a statement, If he had said, "I am getting divorced, what do you think?"

I would have said, "You are going to be dating again, you better join a gym and work on those abs." "

It reminded me of the time that my brother in law came to our house about 8 years ago.  We knew that his relationship with his wife was not working out but we were not sure how bad it was.

We were having a braai and he said:

 "Tracey and I are divorced."

After this statement, my wonderful husband said:

 "Did you see those monster machines on Discovery channel last night?"

When it comes to many things we seem to have a sexual role reversal in our home.

I never listen.  When I am busy and somebody starts speaking to me I nod and say yes but I don't hear a thing.  It drives Michael crazy to the point that he has started tricking me he stops mid conversation and says, "Now tell me what did I say?"

Michael multi tasks he watches tv, works on his laptop and fixes something at the same time.  I am one of the only women who can't multi task.  If I try to do two things at once I screw up badly.

I don't believe in nagging, if somebody does not want to do something, saying it over and over is not going to fucking work, weeeelll maybe it does but perhaps I am just not arsed enough to nag.

Michael nags:

 "What is wrong with wiping the kitchen counter after making sandwiches?  Look it is easy, one wipe and done.  Have you done your chore yet?  And now? And now?"

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