Thursday, November 1, 2012

Will they forgive us?

I was asked to take part in a marketing thingy last night (Halloween) so there would be no time for dress up. Michael and Jess also decided that they were not going to dress up this year.

The puppies were targeted instead.  I really wanted to dress Col up as Pharoah because with his long neck and everything he looks very Egyptian.  So much happened this past week that I did not get time to make his costume.  Col became Devil Puppy instead.

I am such a friendly puppy how could you make me the devil?

Cleo looks like a bat minus the wings so I decided that she should be a bat for Halloween.  Bat wings were easier to come by than a Pharoah head dress, taking the photo was challenging because she being her usual hard ass self would not pose:

They were not impressed with the dress up.  I have a whole year to decide what their outfits will be next year.  Any suggestions?

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