Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Mummy's Happy Halloween

I stole this pick off Facebook because I thought it was awesome like a .........................................(Raewyn and DD you know what you would fill in there.)

Halloween is not really celebrated in South Africa but our local entertainment mall, Bright Water Commons hosts a Halloween and all the stores hand out sweets to the children.

Last year Michael and Carmen both went as Paris Hilton.  Carmen had Hercules along as her Chihuahua.  I went as Medusa, I was totally evil with hundreds of snakes in my hair.  The photos are all lost sadly because it is the only time that Michael ever dressed up as a woman and it was hilarious. Every year for the last hundred years before Michael did Men in Black.

I have a thingy on tonight and Michael and I are both out of ideas so we are going to be boring and not dress up this year.  We are dressing the puppies up though pics coming soon.

Some previous halloweens:

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