Monday, December 10, 2012

Teddy Bear's Picnic Brought to New Heights

Our family loves to tease.

They tease me because I never listen to anything and I am one of the dopiest human beings alive.

We tease Michael because he goes science crazy when he is drunk and will follow you around for hours trying to get you to listen to his loooong stories. When he is drunk he will follow me to the toilet and say things like, "but I just can't understand the Higgs Boson particle because bladdi da daa h bla bla bla bla bla ."

We tease Carmen because as tiny as she is, nobody messes with her.  Despite being very intelligent and very sharp most of the time she can be very gullible and we tease her about this as well.

We tease Jessica about being clumsy and about never hearing anything correctly.  Jessica falls upstairs.  Jessica hears, "Do you want tea?" as "Do you want to pee?"

Then we have our Raewyn, we love her but we tease her about everything.

When Raewyn was a baby, Carmen (a year older) used to come and tell us, "Raewyn is doing!"

We had to run because Raewyn could get up to the strangest things.

When Raewyn was 8 and Carmen was 9 they were visiting their father.

He went out to do some work.

When he came back what he saw nearly made him throw up.

Raewyn had climbed to the top of a mobile phone tower, not once, but many times.  She had decided it would be pleasant to have a picnic with her teddy bears on top.  She climbed up and down carrying her teddy bears up the tower one by one.

My ex husband phoned my Mother and told her how he nearly had heart failure and begged my Mom not to tell me as he was scared I would not let the girls visit him again.

I was not angry because she was unharmed and I let the girls visit again knowing the fright would only make him more careful.


  1. Every close knit family teases each other! :) I know we do! Cripes. My family is one of the most sarcastic families you will ever meet. It's amazing we get through anything serious!

  2. Ha ha ditto people new to our family often get confused by my families sarcasm.