Monday, January 7, 2013

Give a Dog a Bone

Michael and I went to a butchery to get some meat for supper.  We spotted a huge dog bone.  We could not resist buying it.  When we paid at the till we told the cashier that we were buying the bone for our Chihuahua's to see how they reacted to a bone almost bigger than what they are.  The cashier said that we had to bring her a photo of the Chihuahuas eating it.

After Michael had cooked the bone, he put it down on the floor in front of Cleo, Col was outside playing.  Cleo sat for about 5 min staring at it, I had never seen her looking like this.  I realised she was in love for the first time.  Finally she gingerly walked over to the bone and at first gave it a tender lick.  She started to come to the happy conclusion that it was not a dream but that the bone was real.  She tried to pick it up and it was really funny because her back legs lifted off the ground.   Col arrived on the scene and spotted what Cleo had in her mouth.  He also had the same glazed look of absolute adoration.

Here is a video of Cleo dragging the bone.......


  1. Hilarious! I love where you say she realized it wasn't a dream. And the video is adorable. What did you make from the meat of it? I can watch dog and cat videos all day!

  2. Thanks Stephanie, the bone had all the meat removed already.