Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Letter to the President

Open Letter to President Zuma and ANC Ministers of South Africa

9 January 2012


Dear Sirs/Madams

As a non-smoker I would like to congratulate the ANC government on successfully implementing all the by laws regarding not smoking in public areas.  As a government you can pat yourselves on your backs for a job well done. 
I am however confused by two points.

 1. The need to implement further laws and restrictions on smoking.

As a non-smoker I no longer ever find myself in a situation where I am annoyed by second hand   smoke.  I feel strongly that you have successfully dealt with smoking.  Removing cigarettes from public view is not going to stop smokers from smoking.  Why is our tax paying money being used to pay for conference time to debate an already resolved problem, if perhaps the only resolved problem, in our country where there are an extreme amount of dire problems. 

As a citizen of this country I respectfully request that you do not further waste your time and energy on this matter but rather deal with matters that are extremely dire such as:

·         Crime
·         Corruption (In my opinion the biggest scourge on our country, I am so saddened by the way ministers spend oblivious to the suffering of the poor in our country.)
·         Littering
·         Public urination
·         Disrespect of traffic rules
·         Education (delayed text books,  educational standards far below international standard)
·         Municipal inability to administrate water and lights accounts

2. Considering the successful implementation of non-smoking rules why can this not be carried through to other areas?

During the December holidays I had the good fortune of being able to visit my daughter in Amanzimtoti.  I was shocked at the state of the beaches and the behaviour of the holiday makers.  Dustbins were ignored and even diapers were left on the beach.

We observed a family eating chicken and throwing the chicken bones all around them.  They did not seem to mind to be sitting in and amongst their own disgusting litter.  This shows of a lack of respect for themselves and their country.  I would hate to see the state of their home.

I wish that you, my government would implement a serious campaign in 2013 teaching children from young why littering is wrong and what  good throwing litter in a dustbin will do for them.

To point out the implications, we had a visitor from Japan, she expressed that she would never be returning to Durban beaches again.    There is an age old argument that I have heard people express that littering creates jobs.  My question is do we want more garbage collectors or more tour guides?

In conclusion have a question to ask of all the ANC politicians in our beautiful country.
When you were suffering in prison or in exile , did you dream about big houses, fancy cars and private planes or did you dream about  liberating people and making their life better?

Yours Faithfully,

Vivian Pitschlitz


  1. Smoking is a small victory it shows that when government does have the will, it can achieve great things. AS a non smoker I appreciate the fact that I do not have to endure the discomfort of having smokers in restaurants and pubs, We done have managed to tackel one small sector lets go for the big guns, the crooked politicians, the corrupt policemen and government officials - lets go for the guys who think they are immune!!

  2. I was sent an email after submitting my letter that the President's office would reply shortly, still no reply, I wonder if I will get one? If I do I will post it here.

  3. Terrific post. That's an amazing story of your beaches. I love your line - do we want more garbage collectors or tour guides! Here in the U.S. there are very heavy fines for littering. And people do not hesitate to speak up about it if they see someone throw a piece of trash on the ground. So we have one thing taken care of - now if only we could do something about our do nothing, dysfunctional, corrupt politicians...

  4. I wish for a culture like that in SA, littering does not seem to bother most South Africans.