Saturday, January 12, 2013

No excuses left....

I avoid everything I should do by playing games, mainly on Facebook.

A few months ago I became addicted to Pyramid Solitaire.

I convinced myself that I would finish it and get back to work.  


I finished the game two weeks ago and I have done:





This game is evil avoid it at all costs....

Now that I have finished it I feel so empty.

If you are an addict be strong.

If a game looks enticing:

1. Shut your computer off and watch some television, if the show gets boring, will yourself not to grab your smart phone or laptop.
2. Go to the kitchen and look what is in the fridge (don't take anything or we will have to go through the overeater's steps.)
3.  Find new things to do, walking without looking at your smart phone means you will be less likely to be run over.
4.  Start talking to your friends on Skype of Facebook again.  If they do not answer it means they are still in the clutches of the evil games, send them these steps.
5.  Go shopping, but don't buy too much or your partner might force you to be a gamer again.
6. When you go into Facebook look at friend's statuses quickly do not look to the left or right, an enticing game may be winking at you.


  1. This post made me laugh. Words with Friends is my game. I wouldn't say I'm addicted but I do try to keep up with it. If I'm addicted to anything its trying to keep up with my blog. Quite a challenge sometimes.

  2. I only play scrabble on Facebook now at least it does not take up too much time. Still have not accomplished anything :-( at least I am doing my jogging.