Sunday, February 3, 2013

I missed the 90's

I missed most of what happened in the 90's.

I never quite realised to what extent I had until I met Michael.  There were things that I had heard about but because I was so isolated most of the time I never came to appreciate.

I was probably one of the last people to know that our ex President Nelson Mandela was released from prison and I only found out about a year after he became president that he was our new president.

I remember people celebrating South Africa winning the Rugby World Cup but I did not know what it meant  to us.

I lived in a province called Eastern Transvaal, I noticed heaps of number plates with "MP" on them.  I thought all these vehicles were for "Military Police."  Eventually I found out that the part of Eastern Transvaal that I lived in was now a new province called Mapumalanga hence the "MP" number plates.

My own fault really.  I made really bad choices.  Two husbands whom I should never have married fortunately resulted in 3 beautiful daughters which means I can never regret the bad choices.  I was a single Mom for most of the time and I was in survival mode throughout the 90's.  In those years I did not possess a television set or have time and money for things like movies and music.

Michael would refer to television shows, movies or music that happened in the 90's and I would not know what he was talking about.

After 9 years of being with Michael I have caught up a great deal.

I "discovered" Kurt Cobain a decade after everybody else.  My heart strings pulled tight the first time I saw a recording of him live on stage.  I felt saddened that his life was so brief but by all accords it seems he was a very troubled and confused young man, ooh but so beautiful.

"Friends" had long disbanded when I saw my first episode.

I saw one movie in the 90's "Titanic" which made Michael groan a little, but I enjoyed it.  I have since then "discovered" heaps of fantastic movies, that might of passed me by.

Michael after a while stopped saying, " I can't believe you never heard or saw that."

He started to say, "You missed the 90's"

One of the bands that I only "discovered" a decade later was "The Red Hot Chilli Peppers".

They became one of my favourite bands.

Yesterday by lucky chance I got to see  "The Red Hot Chilli Peppers" concert.

This was also a first to for me at the age of 42, I was at my first ever music concert.

It was AWESOME, the opening act was, "Die Antwoord", a incredibly weird and fun South African band. We did not sit down once, we danced throughout the entire performance.

I feel 84 today.  Muscles and feet are very sore.  Despite that I had a night of pure bliss.  


  1. Oh. my word, Viv. You have moved me to tears. You brave and lovely lady. Your naivety and your wide open heart are something greatly admire and respect. May you continue to 'find' the 90's and be loved and appreciated by the lovely Michael. It is a privilege to know you.

  2. I love this post, Viv.. wow.. it's never too late, is it, to discover and appreciate what you missed. But, you didn't miss it. You got to it.. with Michael's help. I love the way you talk about Michael. Seems to be so much love between you. And I love the no bad choices when you have your girls. One thing - I have to groan along with Michael when it comes to Titanic. That movie - oof! But if you liked it - good, I'm glad - that's all that matters. Such a wonderful post!

  3. Thanks Stephanie, ha ha ooh Michael and my sister feel the same way about Titanic. My sister for a different reason, she can't stand Celine Dion's music. Different tastes hey!

  4. Thank you Jayn, I was so surprised I did not think this post was very emotional at all. :-)