Monday, March 25, 2013

My Wrench

We went to Greensleeves, a Medieval themed restaurant for my brother-in-friend's fourtieth.

The Birthday Boy

Before you are allowed into the dining hall you dress up in a medieval costume.

My sister, Penny, in the centre my  Michael and  some guy who decided he had to be in the photo.
Penny and Michael both looked so good in their outfits that we were tempted not to return the costumes.  The clothes that were handed into Greensleeves were not near as nice.

When we sat down in the whole the entertainer guy told us that we were going back in time to a time when woman's lib did not exist.   The men were way too happy about this.  Michael was having a lot of fun calling me "Wench".

Salt was only put in front of the King for the evening and the Cardinal.  Only women were allowed to fetch salt, and they would have to repeat a rhyme to get any.

Me talking to Michael:

Your are not getting any salt.


At least we don't like much salt on our food, but then again perhaps I will need some Wench.


You are enjoying the wench thing way too much.

So we ate drank and were very, very merry.

Sunday was zombie day, Michael and I lay on our couches in the lounge and did very little.  Michael went to make supper because he knows what is good for him.

He asked me if I wanted a sauce with the veg.


Yes I want a sauce with the veg and make it snappy uhm uhm,  what is the male version of wench?


There is no male version because back then men were men and women were decently submissive.


Pfft "decently",  aah I know what I can call you, Wrench, from now on that is the male version of Wench, now hurry up with my supper Wrench.


  1. You two are far too well suited in those threads!

  2. Yip I have the looks Michael has the brains.

  3. Wrench - how fitting! I've always wanted to go to one of those dinners, just once. I don't much like costumes, however, but for an evening's experience I could pretend. I'm glad to hear Michael knows what's good for him and made supper. That made me laugh...

  4. Have to keep him decently submissive ha ha