Saturday, April 13, 2013

Drowning in Sick People

I have been living in Zombie hell for the past two weeks.

For years if there was a bug I would get it.

Two weeks ago Danielle (my daughter from another mother that lives with us) got an ear infection that got so bad that she ended in hospital this week (she is getting better and out of hospital),  Jess started a flu and has a bad ear infection and Michael, Mr Always Healthy, Michael cut his hand open, got an infection on his back that flared up like an egg and got an eye infection that made his lid swell as if he was stung by a thousand bees.  Me NOTHING.

Now you would think that I would be happy, revelling in my wonderful good fortune at being in excellent health.


 I am an asshole.

Do you know what happens when you are well and everybody else is sick?

You become nurse maid, cleaner and cook.  IT SUCKS

Never mind the sick people, I deserve sympathy.

I took Jess and Michael to our wonderful Dr Kaka today. He was crooning over my husband and daughter and asked me how I was.

Dr Kaka,

"You are looking really well, how is it going with the medication and diet?"


"I feel very well"

I wanted to say, "Please make these people better I can't handle this good health while others are sick any more.  Can't you see I am worn out with having to smile and be unselfish."


"For the first time ever we are all sick and Vivian is well"

Me thinking

"Yeah gloat, that is usually you that has to be nursemaid, cook and cleaner while the rest of us our out of action, you are enjoying this aren't you?"

I think the nurse needs time out.


  1. Oh Vivian - you make me laugh! Being unselfish is truly an ordeal - I know! I do my best, but it's tough! :)

  2. I am I suppose too spoiled. I am used to be the lazy one and getting away with my husband doing most of the horrible domestic stuff.