Monday, April 22, 2013

Euphoria on a Monday

The weather today is Blah

I have a bit of a cold


I am not sure if you will believe this, I am Monday Mornings biggest enemy and yet I am on cloud nine this morning.


How is this possible?

Hi-tec South Africa

My training shoes wore out completely the last time I wore them I was in agony because the sole was so thin and I could feel every pebble on the track that we were hiking on.  I bought cheap shoes to hopefully last me till I could afford others but they are so uncomfortable that I have not been able to run in them.

Hi Tecs are awesome, we buy my husband a pair every 3 years.  He wears them every day and they last 3 years!

Hi Tec ran a competition this weekend the person with the most likes would win a pair of Shadow Trails see pic below:

I went to work getting as many  likes as I could but another lady beat me.  I was very disappointed.


Hi Tech let me know that they were giving me a pair as well for getting so many likes.

It did not end there they also gave the guy who came in third a pair.

Wonderful PR Hi-Tec, THANK YOU, if you want great sports shoes, go and look at the Hi-tec website 

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