Thursday, May 9, 2013

I'm not the only one

You know that corny expression, " I get a lot of exercise jumping to conclusions" ? The expression suites me well.  

For example:

I get into the car in a big huff

Me pointing at a man outside of the local supermarket:

"Girls do you see that man?  He is wearing expensive leather shoes, he probably has more money than I do.  Do you know that he just begged me for money and he wanted R 40.  Is he insane?"

Girls rolling around laughing:

"Ma, ha ha ma.... ha ha, he is selling handbags.  The handbags cost R 40"

Many years ago I put petrol in, I give money to the one attendant, the other attendant comes to me after washing the car's window.  I give him a tip.  

He looks at me with big eyes and says:

"But this is not enough!"

I am horrified:

"That is a decent tip, do you know I am not rich but I try my best to give a decent tip."

Attendant looking a bit scared:

"But the money for the petrol is R50"

I blushed a great deal and pointed out the guy who I gave the money to.

I do things like this all the time, as I have said before I am mostly ass-hole.


There was that one time when Michael was the ass hole and we teased him about it for ages.

My sister and I borrow each other's stuff all the time.  In fact there are many things that we don't know who owns them.   Michael and I moved in together very soon after meeting.  My sister's then boyfriend Royston popped by our house to get their braai back.  Royston was puzzled, Michael is always polite but he seemed very off.  When I saw Michael later he was upset.   

He said,

 "Royston was here and he borrowed our braai, he did not even ask nicely he acted as if he owns it."  

Yip he felt like an asshole when I told him that Royston does own the braai.  

Penny and Royston especially teased Michael telling him they would bring back his braai soon.

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  1. Hi Steph, South Afrikaans are very big on braai (barbeque) we even have a national braai day. There are even competitions. And one of the favourite things to braai is boerewors (google it) there are also many people who compete to make the best boerewors. Another thing that South Africans like to do outside over a fire is potjiekos, basically a stew in a cast iron pot cooking outside over a slow fire.