Friday, May 3, 2013

I am going to be replaced for Mars, OH WELL

I only found out today that applications for going to Mars are being taken for 2023.

They are going to go through applications and the chosen ones are going to be in a television show to chose the final lot. Pffft before they get on the space ship, it would be so much more exciting if they took everybody aboard the space ship and dumped the losers out to space.  EXTREME SURVIVOR SPACE.

Anyway although Michael thinks this is a super cool adventure, I don't.

The reasons I could never go to Mars:

  • No ocean, imagine for the rest of your life never swimming in the ocean again.
  • No matter how big that space ship is, there is no where else to go, you can't get off you can't go outside, you can't hop in your car and drive off till you run out of fuel.
  • I don't know how many people are going,  even if there are a 1000 I would get so sick of them.
  • What if I do something really bad what are they going to do to me?  Chuck me out of the space ship?
  • When I get to Mars what is going to be there? What has been lurking in the shadows hiding from the rovers?

At the bottom of this post I have posted the criteria for going to Mars.

When it comes to personality types it seems they are gunning for a sociable A type, competitive but not too much, must be able to play fair with the team.  My personality is more like Z type, perfection really seems like sooo much bloody effort, I'll rather be me, thank you very much.  

Is "resiliency"  really a word????  Yes I know I make up stupid words all the time, but not when I am writing serious stuff, like uhm requirements to go to space.  

"persistent in thought" - Jess's thought processes are persistent when she wants something she will nag and nag and nag and nag.  Imagine being stuck for the rest of your life with a crowd of naggers.   

Uggh and that one about seeing the connection between my inner and outer self does not work, my inner self is super skinny, my out self is rather more.

I fit the criteria, "curiosity"  I am seriously curious and I never believe anybody, I research everything that everybody tells me, before deciding if it is true or not, which does not help with the next point, the trust one.  I don't trust anything that anybody tells me because people will believe any shit that they read in some stupid magazine or on the internet.

I think I can do for the creative and resourceful, quite well, yeah don't know how appropriate my humour is though.  

I told Michael it seems they are looking for couples, he said:

"I am going to have to find somebody else, I was getting bored with you anyway."

Bloody shite!

CharacteristicPractical Applications
  • Your thought processes are persistent.
  • You persevere and remain productive.
  • You see the connection between your internal and external self.
  • You are at your best when things are at their worst.
  • You have indomitable spirit.
  • You understand the purpose of actions may not be clear in the moment, but there is good reason—you trust those who guide you.
  • You have a “Can do!” attitude.
  • You adapt to situations and individuals, while taking into account the context of the situation.
  • You know your boundaries, and how/when to extend them.
  • You are open and tolerant of ideas and approaches different from your own.
  • You draw from the unique nature of individual cultural backgrounds.
  • You ask questions to understand, not to simply get answers.
  • You are transferring knowledge to others, not simply showcasing what you know or what others do not.
Ability to Trust
  • You trust in yourself and maintain trust in others.
  • Your trust is built upon good judgment.
  • You have self-informed trust.
  • Your reflection on previous experiences helps to inform the exchange of trust.
Creativity / Resourcefulness
  • You are flexible in how an issue / problem / situation is approached.
  • You are not constrained by the way you were initially taught when seeking solutions.
  • Your humor is a creative resource, used appropriately as an emerging contextual response.
  • You have a good sense of play and spirit of playfulness.
  • You are aware of different forms of creativity.


  1. I read about this just the other day. I even watched half a dozen of their video applications. The thing is - a lot of them are in their 20's. By the time 2023 rolls around won't they have changed their minds? Probably. I'm with you on all the reasons not to go. We are kindred souls when it comes to trust too - I never believe anyone and look everything up myself. Sure can't believe anything that passes for 'news' here in the States. This is a very funny post. I love it.

  2. Stephanie you are a word fundi, what is your take on "resiliency" ?The internet seems unsure.