Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Which organ do you want?

Our post offices have been on strike for 4 months. This is not really a big deal any more seeing that all the correspondence that I need I get via email.  The funny thing is many people did not even notice.  Living in Johannesburg, South Africa we are used to stuff like this.

Today is a public holiday in SA and yesterday people came to work on a burst water pipe in our street.  It bursts every 2 /3 months water gushes out for 2 to 3 days then the "repair" team come.

They dig the entire street up and we are without water for a day, till the next time.


They did not finish their work yesterday and did not come back today because it is a public holiday of course, so we have been without water for 2 days now.

My sister invited us for supper which was convenient because we could bath at the same time.  As our gardener worked today I asked him to deposit the keys in the mail box.
When I went to the mail box to get the house keys, I was sooo astonished.  In the mail box I found mail.  The strike is over.

Michael, Jess and I were all very excited but our excitement soon waned as four months of mail was 99 percent JUNK MAIL.

I found one to Michael and I which puzzled me, it was Jessica's school report for last term.  We received it via email a month ago.  So I held it up and said to Jess:

 "Congratulations you passed."

She then faked awe and surprise.

Next I opened a letter with my name on it.  Last year I joined up to be an organ donor.  My organ donor letter came with a card that I can carry in my purse and oddly three little stickers that say organ donor.

I said to Michael:

"I think I should phone them and say I need more organ donor stickers they only sent 3, and every time I bath they come off my body."


"Even better call them and ask what the most wanted organs are, tell them you have put one sticker on your heart, one on one of your kidneys and now you want to know what other organ is essential."

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  1. Out of water for 2 days - that's tough. When I lived in Costa Rica that happened a bit too often. It's hot there so we couldn't wash the sweat off. Maybe that's more info than you'd like. Our post offices are stopping Sat. delivery soon. As you point out I doubt anyone will notice. In fact, it's a good thing as all that junk mail is a waste of paper. The organ donor bit is funny. Good question - why the stickers? Sounds like the basis for a spine-tingling short story.