Monday, May 27, 2013

When my child was a super hero.

When Jess was 3, she decided that she would choose her own outfits.  I remember one day she put on pink stockings, her brown leather shoes, a red skirt, green blouse and blue jacket, with a purple scarf and yellow beanie.  When we arrived at her pre-school I took her teacher aside and said, "I want to make it clear, Jess chooses her own clothing."
Jess playing dress up

We have no idea how it happened but when Jess was 4 she developed a craze for Super Heroes.  We did not have a television, we could not afford to go to the movies, we did not have any super hero comic books at home and most of her bed time stories were fairy tales.  Perhaps the children at pre-school told her about super heroes.  

A friend of mine bought Jess a Super Woman dress.   It was blue with a big S on the front and a red cape at the back.  Jess was so delighted she would not take the dress off for two days.  Fortunately this dress was made out of nylon that washed and dried quickly because she insisted on wearing it every single day.  I bought her spider man socks and batman tackies and she wore these with the dress every day.

With winter approaching I phoned my Mom and told her that I had a problem, Johannesburg winters are extremely cold and Jess refused to wear anything other than her super girl dress.  My Mom made her a blue tracksuit with a big red S sewn on the front and a red detachable cape.  That winter the only thing that Jess wore was the Super Woman track suit.  

Jess in her Super Women tracksuit unfortunately the picture does not show the big S

Fortunately at some point the next summer Jess decided to hang up her cape, the dress was very worn out by then.

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