Monday, May 20, 2013

Why my friends are almost all online friends.

I am petrified of being amoungst strangers.

Walking into a room full of people I don't know alone, is one of the things I least like to do.

It would be fine if I kept quiet, but when I am nervous I babble and babble.

A little voice in my head is saying:


In the same way the moth is drawn to the flame.  I cannot shut myself up.

I keep talking and talking.

After the second sentence I have run out of sane and comprehend-able things to say so I start talking gibberish.

By this time whomever I am talking to is looking very nervous.

I know what this person thinks by now:

"What is this crazy lady saying?  Is she dangerous?"

Still I talk.

I have been introduced to some great people over the years.  I have often thought:

"Wow, we have so much in common, perhaps we can be friends."

Then it hits me that I am alone amoungst people I barely know and the nerves set in and the talking starts.

While the idiot me is blabbering away, I am having the following conversation in my head,

Reasonable in my head me:

"You know you are talking yourself out of any possible friendship with this person right?"

Blabbering idiot me:

"And then my gynaecologist said........."  Yip, no TMI for blabbering idiot me, I will continue to blabber on every non PC topic I can come up with.

This should be my theme song when I meet new people:


  1. And then my gynecologist said... I laughed out loud. I am in a great mood after reading two of your posts. Hilarious! I'm like this too. I blabber on saying nothing, pretending I'm not at all shy. So when we meet in person one day we'll know this about each other and we'll either end up saying nothing at all, or both talking at the same time. Either way we'll have a good laugh!

  2. I am so glad there is somebody out there that does the same thing Steph.