Thursday, May 23, 2013

That SPECIAL Genetic Anomaly

My grandfather possessed a very special ditsiness this genetic anomaly sadly went to both his daughters, and then most of his grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Most of the people in this photo suffer from this dreadful genetic anomaly

My Mom for instance, went to the supermarket to buy groceries.  When she came out of the supermarket she could not find her car so she walked to the police station to report it stolen.  Once she had finished filing the report she phoned my Dad to fetch her.  Guess what?

He came to fetch her in her STOLEN car.

She forgot that she went to the supermarket in his car.

On another special occasion, my Mother was at sewing class could not see out of her glasses well.  She noticed lovely silky fabric, perfect for cleaning her glasses right in front of her.  She grabbed at the fabric and started cleaning her glasses.  Only then did she realise that she was actually using her sewing instructor's blouse.  Which would not be so bad, if only the poor startled woman was not wearing the blouse at the time.

Personally, I have done so many things that it is hard to single out a few.  I once swam in a competition.  I was in the lead, I swam 2 laps and got out.  The only problem was I did not realise it was a 4 lap race.  When somebody asked me why I got out.  I jumped back into the pool and waited at the end still not realising that it was a 4 lap race.

I accidentally put super glue in my nose because I thought it was my nasal ointment.  On another occasion I sprayed head lice killer in my mouth because I thought it was my mouth spray.  (I survive despite myself).

My daughter Raewyn opened a bank account with Bidvest Bank by accident she was on the phone and did not realise that she had walked into the wrong bank.

I sent Jess into the store to buy toilet paper.  I even told her where it was in the store because I know if I don't do these things she will come out saying, "They don't have any."

She was at the till paying when she noticed that she did not have toilet paper but had taken diapers.

We once convinced Carmen that the the show we were watching a documentary on what dinosaurs would have been like was a live broadcast on the news and that dinosaurs had been found.

I have taken over Raewyn's sim card.  Today I was talking to her using my cell phone.  I ran out of airtime so I decided to call her via the landline.  I rang her old number my new number.  Our landline number is very similar to our work number.  I thought my husband was calling me on my cell so I put the landline phone down and answered the cell phone.  The line was dead and only then did I realise I was calling myself.


  1. Hahahaha!! This post made me chuckle xxx

  2. This is one of your funniest posts to date! Thanks for the laugh this morning. The sentence where your mom goes to the supermarket to buy groceries - I first read it as if you were being funny - as in your mother only went to the grocery store once! I love the diapers in place of toilet paper. Almost the same thing. :)

  3. ha ha Steph, I think I am rather going to change that sentence, such a silly mistake.

  4. Too Funny! It's really this colorful humanness that makes us wonderful and unique. Love it!