Saturday, May 25, 2013


It might have a bit to do with midlife hormones OK it might have a lot to do with midlife hormones, but I have online fights  once in a while, frequently.

They are pointless because the asshole  person that I am arguing with, is never going to change his or her stupid contrary to my own opinion, way of thinking.

Being South African I live in a very politically charged environment.

I argue with other white South Africans because they talk about the good old days of Apartheid, nothing screwed our country up more than Apartheid did END OF BLOODY DISCUSSION.

I argue with black South Africans who blame the white colonists for screwing up every aspect of their lives.  You make your own bloody life, take responsibility, END OF BLOODY DISCUSSION.

I don't argue with creationists they are too stupid to argue with END OF BLOODY DISCUSSION.

I argue with people who think men can screw around and be virile and women are sluts when they do the same, I think we need to find a test to tell if men are virgins and insist they be pure END OF BLOODY DISCUSSION

I argue with people who think if you are gay you are a paedophile and into bestiality, I know crazy hey, you are born with a sexual preference and you are suddenly a deviant, yes, I know why bother, too stupid, END OF BLOODY DISCUSSION.

These pointless discussions/arguments/fights are very entertaining, they go nowhere, I wonder about my perverse self, why do I enjoy them so much.



  1. Because you are alive and fabulous and want to engage - END OF DISCUSSION!!

  2. Yes, yes and yes! I want to find your courage to call out the assholes... Good for you! You inspire me... even if I don't change a single person's mind, I'll have spoken up.