Sunday, June 9, 2013

Happy not Father's day

Last night we went to my sister's house to celebrate Mila's birthday party.
Michael with Col chilling on practice Father's Day

At some point the women at the party came to the wrong conclusion that it was the day before Father's Day and we scrambled to prepare as we all had forgotten.  The children started making cards and we thought of things for presents etc etc.

This morning Jessie and I woke up to get breakfast made for Michael.  I rushed to the supermarket to buy more things for the breakfast.  While chasing through the supermarket I looked up.  Big signs, "Happy Father's Day 16 June 2013."  Oh ooops.

When I arrived home Jess came running to me,

"Mom its not Father's Day"


"Yip I know."


"Michael told me when I wished him, how did you find out?"


"Signs all over the supermarket that say the 16th  "

Many years ago when I was still a single Mom, my sister asked me to house sit her home for a weekend.  It was my birthday weekend.  On my birthday morning the girls surprised me with breakfast in bed.   We had a lovely day except for one thing.  Not one friend or family member phoned to wish me.  The next day the phone calls came one after the other, we  realised that we celebrated the wrong day.

My sister, Penny and I used to go to drama classes.  Occasionally we had to dress up in costumes that we had to make up ourselves.  These were our favourite lessons.  Straight after school my sister and I started preparing.  We decided that I would be a black women.  We worked very hard on my costume.  My sister painted every part of my body that was exposed with brown shoe polish.  It took hours.  I can't remember what her costume was but I remember it was also very elaborate.  I was very uncomfortable because of the shoe polish.  Our drama class was around the corner from our home.  We walked to the class.

On our way we walked past a boy who went to drama class, he asked us:

"Where are you going dressed up like that?"


"To Drama class"


"Do you realise it is Tuesday today?"

Yes Drama class was on Wednesday.

Have you ever made elaborate plans, travelled or celebrated anything on the wrong date?


  1. I am laughing so hard right now! I can't believe you have THREE, (count 'em, THREE) example of how you got the date of a holiday completely wrong! That's hysterical, especially the costume one for school! I need to send you a calendar, woman! Ha!

  2. Cutest photo ever of Michael and Col. My question after reading this is how long did it take for that shoe polish to wash off? Seems like it would stain your skin. Hilarious stories. I think you should have gone through with the breakfast a week early. It's the thought that counts, right? Michael could have told everyone you appreciated him so much you simply couldn't wait another week for Father's Day. It just had to be that day!

  3. Stephanie I have no recollection of the washing off afterwards, what I do remember was we were so disappointed that the next day our costumes were rather mediocre. You are right Steph we should have then I could have ticked off Father's Day as done and dusted.

  4. Ha ha Darcy except for the father's day one, in my defence the others all occurred before we had electronic calendars at our finger tips.