Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Stealing Sick Thunder

Last week around Wednesday I developed back ache but it was bearable.

On Friday Michael returned from a work trip to Durban with flu.

Determined to prove him wrong (he says he takes good care of me when I am sick but am a shitty care taker) I made supper and fetched and carried refreshments and medication.

Besides for burning supper slightly and forgetting his last round of medication which he fetched for himself.  I did pretty damn well and in my defence.  I DO HAVE A NEW TABLET.  I really cannot help being slightly side tracked.

Any how.

I continued to be a bloody marvellous nurse maid ALL WEEKEND LONG.

Yesterday, I woke up and the back ache was bloody unbearable.  Midday I had to get gazillions of boxes of files to a copier and I was swearing to myself while carrying the boxes.  When I got home I could not take it any more I went to bed.  I thought because the pain was around where my kidneys are located that it might be a kidney infection.

I went to the doctor this morning.  I do have a mild kidney infection but the reason for all the pain is I have slipped a disc and my doctor ordered 5 days of bed rest.

Michael is very upset with me.


"I can never be sick on my own you always get something worse and steal my sick thunder."

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