Wednesday, December 11, 2013

10 Amazing Years

Today is a very special day, Michael and I celebrate being together for 10 years.

My daughters were visiting their Dad.

A friend  JJ called me and asked me if I would go out with her.

I declined I wanted a quiet night at home.

JJ begged and begged and begged and begged.

Finally I gave in on condition that we not stay too late.

We went to a pub in Randburg.

My friend started chatting to some guys discussing their tattoos.  When the not at all attractive guy started removing clothes to show his tattoos.  I had enough.

I walked to my other friend Fikkie.

Me: I am bored and I am going to tell JJ that I want to go home now.

Fikkie:  Meet Michael, he was just telling me that he is bored as well.

Me (Not looking at Michael):  I don't want to meet anybody I want to go home!

Michael:  Do you want to dance?

Me:  No thank you.

He convinced me to dance.

And we still enjoy dancing together

We decided to get married two years later.  There was no proposal.
 Till one morning when we were late for work.
 Michael:   I haven't proposed.
Me: OK so propose
Michael :  Will you marry me?
Me:  Well I better seeing I have been planning a wedding.  

Michael did not only get me in the deal but 3 daughters as well.

I saved Michael from a life of boredom
On special occasions we make romantic dinners for each other.

We have had lots of fun parties

Even one when Michael thought I was wench

This will be our 10th Christmas together

We have had fantastic holidays

Michael can be a bit of a drill sergeant

Our Titanic Moment

Thank you Michael for the best 10 years of my life.  Happy meeting anniversary!

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