Wednesday, December 4, 2013

But it's rubbish

My favourite little person in the world is my 7 year old niece Mila.

One thing that I find incredibly amusing about her is how decisive she is.  Jessica is the complete opposite - she hums and haas with every choice she needs to make.  

When you give Mila a choice she decides in seconds, she is such a pleasure to take to a restaurant.

On Jess' birthday I went to a nearby mall with Mila to fetch the prawns that we were having for dinner.

As we were entering Mila admired the Christmas trees:

"Awwh look at the pretty trees."

Then she looked up at the decorations made from recycled materials and pulled her mouth skew:

"Sis look at those decorations, they hung rubbish up."

I was astonished.  My sister and brother-in-law are practically hippies, I know that they would love this and encourage this type of recycling.

"Mila, don't you think its wonderful that that rubbish is not been dumped but being made into pretty decorations."

My decisive niece looks up again.

"NOOO Aunty Viv it's RUBBISH"

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  1. Decisive is decisive. She makes up her mind about something and sticks to it! Adorable, and an excellent quality. Having a strong opinion is to be admired. Wonderful. I love learning about your family, Viv. I want to meet you all one day.