Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Not that type of movie

I was newly divorced with 3 young children and I befriended a neighbour who also had 3 young children and was newly divorced.

I did not own a tv but my new friend did so we would often watch videos at her home.  The videos were always for the children.

Because my eldest two daughters' Dad lived far away and we had no contact with my youngest's Dad, my children were always home.  Once a year my daughters would all go to eldest two's Dad's home for the holiday.

My friend's ex did not live so far away so her children were away every second or third weekend.

It never seemed to coincide that all our children would be away at the same time.

Until one Friday night.

We were so excited ADULT TIME!

YAY!!! NO ANIMATED MOVIES.  We were going to hire a movie for us!

We went to the video rental shop amped.

When we entered the video store we were at loss.  We knew what all the latest children movies were but we were clueless about adult movies.

We needed advice.

We went to the counter and this is what we said to the friendly looking owner:


We beamed:

Our children are all away and yay we want to watch an adult movie, can you recommend anything?
The pleasant counter guy was suddenly not-at-all-pleasant counter guy.

He coughed:

Sorry uhm ladies (the ladies was said in a very sarcastic way) we don't stock that kind of movie.

OH I thought to myself so he stocks only children's movies but wait a minute there are lots of adult movies here.

Then the penny dropped.

Simultaneously we protested:

No not that type of movie - movies that are not for children - like a good romance or drama story.

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