Thursday, January 16, 2014

Now that's Baggage

About 8 years ago forgetting how much I hate it, we decided to go camping.

It was Michael's first camping trip with girls.

As he watched us pack and pack and pack and pack and pack and pack and pack and pack.

He was horrified.


"When I went camping with my (male) friends, we took beers and meat."


Last year I picked up a good friend Lana.  We went on a road trip to spend the night at our friend Maryke's house.

When we arrived at Maryke's house her husband graciously offered to carry our bags in.

When he saw the baggage, he said:

"Are you ladies moving in?"

A few days ago I went to fetch my colleague, Reneir from the Gautrain.  He is moving permanently to Johannesburg and living with us temporarily while we find him suitable accommodation.

I was expecting heaps of bags after all he wont be going home for months.

When he arrived he had ONE TEENIE TINY bag.

I looked at him in astonishment wondering if the airport lost his baggage:

"Is this your only bag?"




"But you are moving here!"


"I have everything I need."


"Men are strange creatures."

That evening I offered him a towel but he declined saying he had packed a towel.  I don't understand how.  I think it must be a magical bag.

I asked him later if he had the papers he said he would bring for me.  He replied that he had so many papers that he still had to organise them to find mine.  Now I am even more convinced it is a magical bag.

This must be the explanation

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  1. I want a magical bag as well Steph. I always overpack mainly because I hate being cold and I have learned from experience if I go somewhere in a heatwave without any jerseys the weather will suddenly turn artic.