Friday, January 10, 2014

To Geek or not to Geek

My friend David says I am a geek because I am addicted to Sci-Fi and I love techy things.

I don't think I completely tick off because I think of geeks as having the following qualities:

  •  people that can program computers - Me no clue
  • people that can make create laptops out of a few wires - Me no clue
  • people that would not enjoy partying to rock - I love rock music
  • people that use scientific quotes in arguments - Me no clue
  • people that would ace school - Oh gosh 
  • Oh and a major one DAVID, I don't wear glasses - 20-20 vision bitches.

My love for Sci-fi started with my Dad, we watched Star Trek, Battle Star Gallactia and Buck Rogers together.

I enjoyed the shows but nothing compares to when I saw my first Star Wars movie - Return of the Jedi.  I was hooked.

I thought that Princess Leia was the most beautiful woman in the world and that Hans Solo and Luke Skywalker were the most handsome men in the world.  Which is funny because now when I watch the first 3 I think Princess Leia is pretty is pretty but not the most beautiful.  I am not like all the die hard Geeks either because I thoroughly enjoy the 3 new star wars movies.  Gosh I hope some Geek is not going to put me on his hit list.  I think Natalie Portman aka Padme is gorgeous.                                                                                        

I hear poor Jake Lloyd suffered so much flack for being the young Anakin that it ruined his career.

Why do I enjoy sci-fi so much?

Anything is possible and many of the coolest inventions were first thought up in Sci-fi shows.

Star Trek or Star Wars?

Star Wars although the Enterprise is the coolest space ship.

My favourite Sci Fi movie?

AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Best mini series


Oh and why oh why was Terranova cancelled?

Currently my favourite sci fi tv series is Falling Skies - Please writers don't fuck it up for me.

Michael and all the Geeks are broken up about Firefly and don't add me to you hit list again Geeks but I have never watched Firefly.

Michael does wear glasses, does know how to make things out of bits of wires, did well at school.  Many more Geek points than what I have.  He will be quick to tell you that he plays rugby and therefore cannot be a Geek.


  1. I had a MASSIVE crush on Buck Rogers, I think he was my first love! Til Airwolf came along!