Saturday, July 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Raewyn

Nineteen years ago today Raewyn decided to arrive feet first in the world a month early.  The month early part was a bit of a problem as we had to scramble to get baby stuff.  All the baby stuff was in storage at my Mom’s home in White River and as they were in Nambia I could not get any of the baby things.  I almost did not make it to the hospital as Raewyn was born an hour after I had my first labour pain.  Even though she was a breach baby her birth was quick and easy and if all births were as pain free as that, our overpopulation problem would be a lot worse.
Our Raewyn is very, very special and we love her a lot despite her specialness.  Sometimes I worry because we all love to tease and maybe we go over board, Raewyn is the family clown and can still do the strangest things our petname for her is Raetard. 
I am a little sad because I missed seeing Carmen on her birthday as she was in the Carribean and now Raewyn is in Nelspruit.  Birthdays are big in our family and we love making a fuss of the birthday person.
Rae because it is your birthday I am not going to tell any crazy Raewyn stories but just know I love you and I am proud of the wonderful young woman that you are.  I know you have dozens of friends so you won’t be lonely have an awesome, awesome one and we will see you soon.  xxxxxxxxxxxx

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