Monday, August 1, 2011

The Lovely Pip

This weekend my beautiful 5 year old niece Mila came to visit.  My daughters are all nearly grown up and old news now, so to have an enchanting 5 year old around is extra fun.  Her cousins mean the world to her and she thinks of them more as sisters.  Her aunt Tegwyn is pregnant and is going to have a boy.  Mila has been telling people that she is getting a little brother, so much to my sister’s amusement she was congratulated on her pregnancy.  
In SA we refer to corn on the cob as a “Mielie” and a kernel is a “pip” so my Mom started calling Mila “Mielie Pip” with this our nick name for her is “Pip”.  Pip loves giving shows and she loves directing even more.  I was called to view a show in the spare bedroom.  Being as dramatic as Jessica she climbed out the cupboard and started to dance.  After two performances she decided it was Jessica’s turn.  Jess being a teen was of course trying to convince Pip to do the performance.  While doing her show Jess asked Mila to join her to which Mila replied, “Sssh, we don’t talk while we are putting on a show”. 
On Sunday I told Mila that her Mommy was coming to fetch her to take her to the Dome where the jumping castles are.   We got her ready and Jess asked if she had everything to go to the Dome.  She told Jess, “You spell it ‘The Coca cola Dome’”, emphasising each word as if she was announcing a show.  

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