Monday, August 1, 2011

Jason Still Speaks To Us!

Last week on Thursday, Jason told us that his friend Tristyn had invited him for “a boy’s weekend” to Pilansberg.  It turns out that nobody else could make it for the boy’s weekend.  Seeing that it was just going to be Jason and Tristyn for a weekend in a tent alone in the wild, I could not resist bringing up “Broke Back Mountain”. 
Other people would tease a little and leave it at that, not our family.  Carmen says to Jason, “ shame you are getting it from all angles.” Michael chirps, “You better hope not”. Me, “If Tristyn offers you a matching cowboy hat run.” On Friday morning when Jason was leaving Michael reminded him to take Vaseline with.  That night it is very cold so we sms Jason messages like, “Remember the movie, it all started because they were cold.”
Fortunately for Jason the next night Carmen and other friends joined them so we stopped the teasing.  Of course when they returned nobody referred to their trip as having been to Pilansberg for eternity the family will refer to their trip as having been to Broke Back Mountain. 
Sorry Jason.

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