Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Ever have one of those days

I am not a morning person and I am quite ditsy as well.  One morning I reached into the toothbrush cup for my nasal ointment and squeezed it into my nostril (my eyes were still closed, I generally don’t open them for the first half an hour from waking).  I woke up very quickly as I realised that the “ointment” smelled very wrong.  When I looked at the tube in my hand it was super glue.
A few months later I had a bad mouth infection; this morning (my eyes still shut) I grabbed for the mouth spray, and started to spray it into my mouth.  Again I stopped very quickly when I realise that it tasted like poison which is what it was.  A few months earlier my daughters had picked up head lice at school and I was busy spraying lice spray into my mouth.
This morning nothing as drastic happened to me but I drove to work and I kept taking wrong turns.   We live very close to work and I must have driven the same route a million times so of course I got teased terribly.  Jason and Carmen were in the car as they needed the car for the day.  Michael asked me if I need directions and if I needed the GPS.  Carmen and Jason asked me if we were taking the scenic route.  I swear just before the turn into the offices the sun blinded me and I stopped to turn about 100m from the entrance to the offices.  Of course the family had plenty of comments about this.  So when I said that I was blinded by the sun Michael chirped “Yeah and I suppose you were blinded by the sun when you were making the wrong turns”
Any way my story has a happy ending because I went into the office and had a cup of coffee.  

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