Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Johnny’s Joke

I really like Johnny Depp, back in the 21 Jump Street days, (does that give away how ancient I am), I was quite gaga about him.  But..............  That is nothing on what Carmen my oldest and Jessica my youngest feel about him.  Which is creepy because Johnny is older than I am and Jess is 14 and Carmen is 20, but he is an awesome actor and he seems to be an awesome human being from what we see on interviews. 
Jess and I walked over Johnny at a large print fair that I dragged her to a few years ago.  These guys had printed a huge Pirates of the Caribbean scene on this fabric.  So we asked them how much it would cost and they told us to take it as they were going to throw it away, Jess actually rescued Johnny.   Needless to say whenever I go to a show Jess is much keener to go with me since her “rescue”.  Carmen has a large poster of Johnny in Alice in Wonderland.  There was near collapse of envy on her part when Johnny Pirates came home to live with Jessie. 
Any way please forgive me because I am terrible with names but we were watching that old guys late night show, he always has celebs on that he interviews and Johnny told this joke which has become my favourite for three reasons:
a.       Johnny Depp told it
b.      Nobody gets it
c.       The girls don’t get too cross with me for telling it over and over cause Johnny told it.
So what is the joke?
A skeleton walks into a bar, he says to the bartender. “Give me a beer and a mop”

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