Friday, August 5, 2011

Best Mom in The World

Last night Jess asked me if she could use my laptop to create an event on Facebook as she can’t do that with her Blackberry.  She used a different browser to what I use to access Facebook and as she wanted me to let her know how many people are coming to her event,  we left her logged in.  Of course I could not resist so I changed Jess’ status to this, “I have the best Mom in the world: Mommy I am going to wash the pots every day for the rest of the year cause I love you so much and my room is going to be spotless.”
 Raewyn about two years ago dragged Jess away from the computer and proceeded to tell Jess’ friend via chat  “I think you are hot”.  Poor Jess had to explain to the boy that it was her big sister talking and not her.  In our home you do not leave yourself logged in especially if Raewyn is around.  For a while Raewyn was “managing” Dane’s Facebook for him and on a daily basis his status was something like this, “Raewyn you are a Goddess and I do not feel worthy of your friendship.” 
 I am going to enjoy being the best Mom in the world till Jess finds out what I have done.  Just imagine if it that was really her status oooh dreaming of a perfect world with perfect children.  Mmm Stepford children mmmmm.

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