Sunday, August 7, 2011

Cooking not burning

This morning I was doing laundry and every time I passed the kitchen I smelled something burning.  I checked that the stove plates and  the electric fryer that Michael used for breakfast were off.  I told Michael and he was worried as he was busy working with electronic stuff but I told him the smell was stronger in the kitchen.  I came to the conclusion that the neighbours had burned something.
About an hour later Michael called me from the kitchen and told me that the oven was on.  I forgot that I had put a roast in the oven on a low heat to cook for dinner.  Turns out that the burning smell, was a cooking smell.  At least this time I did not burn the roast.  I am a reasonably good cook but I forget that I am cooking so I burn food often.  Any way I don’t know what is wrong with having food that is a little crisp. 
People close to me know that we are currently under a lot of stress which makes me even more absent minded than usual.  I am teased because I blog so much but at the moment this is how I cope with all the shite that I can’t do anything about right now.  One day at a time. 

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