Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I Hope its Menopause

Yesterday I woke up on the wrong side of the bed.  It was Woman’s day and Michael’s club was having a Seniors Rugby day (in rugby this means anybody over 32).  Anyway while Michael bathed I made him breakfast and Michael being the sweetie pie that he is apologised profusely and promised me that he will make Saturday my woman’s day to make up for this. 
He kept thinking I was grumpy because it was Woman’s day and I was not being spoiled but I was grumpy for the sake of being grumpy.  I got even grumpier when Carmen and Jason said they would be home too late to come for the rugby day.  I was preparing snacks and things for the family and I had visions of us all sitting together chatting and joking.   Instead what happened was Jess and I walking around with me lugging a cooler box that literally weighed a ton looking for a place to sit and arguing about everything. 
Me:  (Pointing to a bit of shade right next to somebody’s Gazebo.) “Let’s ask these people if we can sit here there is shade.”
Jess: (Very mortified) “Maaaaa , we can’t.”
Me:  “Ok let’s go on and see if we can find something better.” 
Jess:  “Let’s go to the top of the Grand stand.”
Me:  “I am not going any &^%$### further this @@#%%$$$$$ weighs a ton.”
At this point Jess takes off because she has had enough of my foul mood.
Michael appears and starts carrying my cooler box up and down and I cannot find a good spot. He gets irritated with me and tells me he has to go play a match.  I tell him I am going home.  He then goes to tell his mates he is leaving.  I cool off and tell him I am staying.  I go and sit in the sun on the grand stand.  I take out a drink and decide to sit and drink.  But I start to worry about Jess and Jess has the food, so I ask the lady sitting next to me to watch my cooler box and I go look for her.
I find Jess in the last place that I consider looking for her.  I then convince her to come with me.  Michael appears again and has now seen that if we go right to the other side of the grandstand we will have shade.  He carries the cooler box and it is much more comfortable in the shade. 
I am not done fighting.  Some horrible teenagers come and sit above us right at the top of the grandstand.  A man is walking around with a cooler box selling ice cream.  These brats whistle for him because they are too bloody lazy to walk down and buy ice cream.  They shout at him to come NOW, even though he is busy and tells them he is coming.  I lose my cool and shout at them.
Jess is totally embarrassed at this point but for this part I am not sorry I would shout at them again, not that it helped they did not even look slightly embarrassed, the type of kids that think that everything is owing to them.  Jess agreed that they were horrible but she hates scenes.
Michael finishes his match and comes to sit with us, we eat food and drink but Jess and I are snarling at each other and Jess is bored.  I have a screaming headache from drinking in the sun.  He tells me that he does not mind if we go home.  We don’t need a second invitation.
Anyway I hope its menopause, because that will pass but if I am simply becoming a grumpy cow HELP MY FAMILY they are in danger!!!!

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