Thursday, August 4, 2011

Mac Donalds You Are Wrong.

Ok so our family is not big on Mac Donalds but we do think their ice cream treats are good. When my children were little the toys that came with the kiddy meals were good but the meals never were.  I had a friend that used to call them a toy shop.  Said the toys are cheaper than in the shop pity you have to get the food with it.
On the occasion that you do decide that you feel like having a Mac burger or a Mc Flurry, you hire a car and you wear a cap with dark sun glasses.  When you get out of the car you run in before anybody recognises you.  You walk in keeping your sunglasses and cap on but from under your disguise you sneer at people and give them a look that says:  “I am just here for the coffee but what are you ordering, seriously do you know what you are doing to your cholesterol levels?”Of course you have not gone to Mac Donalds for anything as innocent as coffee you felt like a greasy and unhealthy meal.  So what you do when you get to the till is you point and whisper and make sure that you are very discreet. 
So why do I think Mac Donalds is wrong?  They are wrong because they have started selling a health food range.  I am sorry but I know I am not going to fool anybody into believing that I am going to Mac Donalds for a health meal and I would neva, neva, neva.  Honestly I would feel sleazy eating health food at Macs.  It is like having a romantic dinner at Wimpy.   I know that Mac Donalds are doing this out of concern for all those people that cannot seem to eat anything else but supersized meals at Macs but I really think they are not going to change their bad habits because an alternative is offered.
I watched a documentary where an obese teen did not know why “God” had made her so big. This she said very earnestly while stuffing another piece of fried chicken down.  She had never had a salad in her life before and cried when she ate one as if she was being tortured.  Mac Donalds parents are responsible for their children’s eating habits not you.  You are not making people fat.  The right eating habits start at home.  I am overweight but all three my daughters are slender.  The reason is that I taught them good eating habits from the beginning. 
P.S Nobody makes me fat, I make me fat.  

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  1. Good Post Vivi! You tell the truth in such a great way. *hides bigmac behind my back*