Thursday, September 1, 2011

I am going to kill Casper if I can find him

Last year I not only got a beautiful laptop for my birthday but aN excellent printer/scanner/copier as well.   I put my printer on my desk so that whenever I needed to print it would be conveniently ready for me.  The first time that I wanted to print my USB cable had mysteriously disappeared.  I screamed and shouted and ranted and raved.  I made it very clear that the printer is mine and my cables are not available for the general public.  Apparently Casper had taken my cable because nobody knew where it was.  They tried to placate me with a dirty old USB cable, AS IF.

Despite the fact that I warned everybody that I would hunt down the perpetrator and punish them with slow and cruel torture, when I wanted to print again the power cable was gone.  Again Casper had taken it.  Every time things like this happen I say I am going to super glue the power cable and USB cable to my printer. 


Casper keeps coming back.
Tonight I took my laptop to my office so that Jessica could print pictures for her school project.
When I was about to attach my laptop to my printer..............
You will never guess.
My USB cable was gone again
A horrible old one was found in the drawer and my shiny beautiful silver one is missing in action because Casper just won’t leave me alone.
Again I shouted :
“I am going to  @@$$ing super glue it to my laptop when I find it.”
To which Michael replied:
“You should not do that what if the cable breaks.”
How can I worry about it breaking if I can never find it to use it????????????

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