Saturday, December 17, 2011

Summer holidays

Oooh we are on holiday.  End year holidays are favourite time of the year for the following reasons:
·         I get a loooong holiday
·         Jess has a looong holiday from school.  I hate school term it means getting up in the dark and and an hour’s drive to get Jess to school and then a loooong drive in the afternoon to fetch her.
·         It is summer and even though we live in JHB sometimes it is warm and sunny (I am a sun addict too many rainy days of gloomy and rain and you will have to entice me out with Prozac on a string).
·         I get to spend time with family, yes most of them are completely bonkers, yes we fight a lot but I love them sooooooo much.
·         Christmas day happens and we really celebrate our love for each other as a family, we get together give out gifts, eat way too much, drink too much and no we don’t laugh too much (there is no such thing as too much laughter).
·         New Years happens and we drink too much, dance and hope for a better year.
·         New Years day comes and I am so full of hope for the new year and my first resolution is never to drink in my life again.

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