Friday, February 24, 2012

Cleo and Col go forward bravely and Ninja loses a life.

This morning I woke up with the mother of all sinus headaches.  All the drama of getting Jess to school and finding ourselves minus all house keys and Michael having to find a way to get us past the electric gate in order to go to work, did not help the headache.

I worked till 10 am and then asked the boss if Michael could take me home (we work together).  

Before I went to bed I went to see what the puppies were doing.
They are both petrified of Cami (our only adult cat the mother of Jiggly Puff and Ginger Ninja).
Both puppies wanted to venture outside but were sitting at the door watching Cami, which I have illustrated below:

Then Cleo being very brave ventured out first.

She looked back at Col and made little noises as if to say:
“Come on you can do it”
Col stood and shivered and stared at Cami (he has had many smacks from her, his own fault he likes barking at her).

Finally he made a mad dash and reached Cleo safely.

This evening Jess called us to help her.
Ninja was playing with her headphones and managed to fall off the bed with his neck entangled in the cable.
He nearly committed suicide accidentally.
Let’s hope he uses his other 8 lives wisely.

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