Friday, February 24, 2012

More adventures for Hobo Penguin

Kindly note that the reuse of pictures for this is unavoidable as the Hobo Penguin’s Chicklet thinks a social life is more important than staying home and illustrating her mother’s blogs, If this is the first time that you are reading my blog and wondering about Hobo Penguin read my previous blog it explains all

Yesterday, hobo penguin and Chicklet made it to the bus on time and for a few seconds all seemed good and peaceful in the hobo penguin’s life.

Chicklet however realised that one memory stick was at home. 
At this point life could not continue without this memory stick, IT HAD TO BE FETCHED.

Add Note:  Moms and Dads how many of you have at some point been meters from the school yard about to dispose of bratty children. 
Your heart sinks but you hope it is going to be:
“I left my lunch at home”
An easily fixable problem, a bit of lunch money and the problem goes away right.
“I left my project on the kitchen table, if I don’t hand it in today I get zero and then I am going to fail the subject for the year”
Your thoughts at this point
“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, I worked so hard on that fucking project all night and when I went at bed at 2 am I even put it next to my at this point very unfavourite rug rat’s lunch box”
So this means:
You turn the car around.  You drive home in rush hour traffic (and none of us know why it is called rush because there is no rush about it).  Drive back to school in rush hour traffic.  The rat is late for school, you have to go into the school endure the disgusted stare of the school secretary while you sign in your late child.  You arrive at work an hour late and have to deal with the boss.

Back to the Hobo Penguin.

The Hobo Penguin decides to run back to the house to get the memory stick.  If she is not back on time the Chicklet can get on the bus and go to school and life will have to be over without stick.
The hobo penguin does not run but waddles with short legs and fat body.
When hobo penguin returns bus is coming down road.

Tries to run for it and Chicklet asks bus to wait as hobo penguin is meters away.
Bus drives off.
Hobo penguin had to drive Chicklet to another bus stop to get to school.

Today (Friday):
Hobo penguin and Chicklet are off to the bus again.
I know you are thinking we had all week to practise this we had to get it right today:


Reach bus stop in plenty of time.
Chicklet realises that she does not have her school bag.
Knowing that you can’t go to school without school bag I told Chicklet to run home and get it as she is faster and that we would go to the other bus stop if too late.
I gave Chicklet my house keys so that she could get in by the kitchen door which is quicker.
Chicklet comes running back but bus beats Chicklet.
At this point a car that is behind the bus stops a woman pushes the passenger door open and calls to Chicklet:
“Hop in we will make it to the next stop before the bus”
Chicklet hops in and makes it to the next stop.

At this point Hobo Penguin realises Chicklet has both set of keys.
We have no other gate remotes.
Our intercom at the gate has been working sporadically.
I press it and hope that it will work.
Fortunately it does and Michael opens the gate.
Surprisingly he is not in the best of moods when I explain what happened.
We both have to get to work and we can’t get the gate shut.
To run from the kitchen where the gate button is to the gate it takes too long and on top of the wall and gate we have an electric fence.
Fortunately we find that the gate lifts up off the track and Michael and open it enough to let himself out.  He will have to put a bracket in at the top so that we don’t get burgled but it saved us today.


  1. I think Hobo Penguin is my favorite online mom character. I get a kick out of reading about her bus stop adventures. Makes me dread the school bus years and not feel so bad about the days where I take son to preschool sign him in, and realize we left show and tell or extra clothes or snack or something else at home.

  2. Thanks Brea, I only have 3 years of school left,  I hope I make it before they put me into a straight jacket.  In South Africa we have another challenge to face.  Our winter is approaching which is strike season, this means no bus and driving the looooong trip to school and back every day.  Holding thumbs that there is no bus strike.