Saturday, February 25, 2012

For Real?

This month as we are broke we decided to do without Satellite TV.  We have the few semi-state funded channels which show shows that were released about 10 years ago.    Michael being a TV addict still has the TV on most of the time.  We draw the line at soapies it seems these channels all at the same time show soapies for most of the weekday afternoons and evenings.  Must be that we are the only South Africans that dislike soapies.

One of the shows that we would not normally watch that is amusing us is “The real housewives”. 
These women all look exactly like Barbie dolls except that Barbie dolls probably look more real.

As the show began today one of the woman said that she is the sexiest of the housewives.
“Problem is I don’t know how they would figure that one out, I can’t tell them apart.”

Last week the one housewife decided to give her assistant a makeover,
“ I bet she is going to end up looking exactly like her boss.”
“Assistant?  What does a housewife need an assistant for?”
“Uhmm, maybe scheduling manis  and pedis is taxing.”
We were not surprised when this woman came out of her makeover looking more plastic than any Barbie doll.

The men in their lives all look like a bit gay just like Ken.
Perhaps they should start their own show:
“The real metro-sexuals”.


  1. So sorry to hear about the loss of satellite TV. Here in the states it's all soaps between 11am and 3pm. It's for those real housewives to watch I guess, since they don't have laundry to do or meals to cook. 

  2. Quite strange that they are called the real housewives.  We would give our eye teeth to spend our time stressing about what is next on our social calender while an army of cleaners, cooks and nannies do all the drudge work for us.