Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Family for sale

I am having problems with my family:

Today I asked Jess to do illustrations for my blog.
I don’t know if it is worth it though, I think the price is too high.
Firstly I had to make her lunch.
Then I had to make her some choffy, (coffee and hot chocolate mixed).
Then I had to hand over my laptop – she claims that hers has an old version of paint which she simply can’t use.
Then I had to promise to unfollow the people that are not following her on Twitter, which as I explained in a previous blog is very, very boring thing to do.
I am not sure if I am relieved but she made the one bus’ wheel so badly that it is supposed to show that she is not crazy (crazy people draw perfect circles) but now I have that swonky wheel on my blog.

Carmen and Raewyn:
I am putting them together because they are both guilty of the same crime they moved far away.

We arrived at home at the same time today.  I graciously opened the garage door for him.  He thought he was very funny revving his car and hooting. Redneck award goes to Michael.
I am editing what I said because my daughters read my blog from time to time and I can’t afford therapy for them.
“Confucius says man who behave badly get no special favour from wife”
“Confucius says woman who talk too much get fat lip”
It gets worse he did not cook dinner because he has to get work done tonight for a client.

Any bids?  
Buy one get one free. 


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