Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Why could the hobo penguin not cross the road?

This morning I woke up to an eerie silence.
About a year ago I decided that Jess should wake up and get herself ready for school. 
Today I knew that she had overslept.

Problem is I (the hobo penguin) set my own alarm for 10 min before leaving time so that I can dress and walk with Jess (the penguin chicklet) to the bus.

When you are late you the adrenalin kicks in and there is none of that sleepy slow motion.
I charged to the Chicklet’s bedroom woke her up told her what the time is and in minutes we were both dressed and out of the door.

We live by a busy road and we have to cross it to get to the bus stop.

We were waiting for a break in traffic when along came the bus.
The hobo penguin grabbed the Chicklet and did mad dash across the road hoping not to be hit by any cars.
Once we were across the road the Chicklet who fortunately has long legs, ran, shouting good bye. 

 The hobo penguin waddled to a stop and watched in awe as the Chicklet reached the bus and dived in.
The Chicklet then proceeded to fall flat on her face in the bus. 

The embarrassed Chicklet went to sit at the top deck to get away from all the people that were trying very hard not to laugh.

The hobo penguin did not brush her hair or dress in anything proper but this morning it did not matter because she was at the bus stop and back home in seconds like a Ninja.

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