Saturday, February 4, 2012

It Was Herculian

This afternoon Michael came into the bedroom and told me:
He was holding up Collosus our new Chihuahua boy puppy.
I was not sure what I should look at so I said,
“He is gorgeous”
“No, his penis, it’s very small”
Fortunately Michael and I understand each other so I know he does not have an unhealthy interest in dog penises.
“and when we went to fetch him I noticed the other Chihuahua males penises were very little”
“So now we know Hercules was over endowed.”
Let me explain, when we first got Hercules I put this photo of him on Facebook.

My friend David commented:
“It’s a boy”
And somebody who was being silly ass commented:
“How can you be sure”
When Carmen first saw him she said:
“His penis is huge!”
To which Raewyn replied:
“Gross why are you looking at puppy penises”
“I can’t help it you can’t miss it, he is 90 percent penis and 10 percent puppy.”
I called Raewyn to tell her:
“Raewyn, the new puppy Col, has a tiny penis, we now know that Hercules was over endowed and it explains why he had a sex addiction”
“Gross, Dylan you do not want to know what my Mom is talking to me about right now.”
I have not got hold of Carmen yet to tell her but I bet I know what she is going to do – she is going to call Raewyn and say:
“See I told you Hercules’ penis was huge.”

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