Saturday, February 4, 2012

Welcome to our home Cleopatra and Colossus

We have been very blessed.  Since Hercules died I have been looking for a new puppy.  I knew Michael would love to have a Chihuahua, but seeing the prices I had no hope of getting him one.  

This week we were suddenly  offered two puppies.  The first because the owner is not a breeder and his dog had just had puppies.  The second owner is a  breeder who had not sold two of her puppies and they were already 4 months old.

We went to collect the first puppy thinking we would get a boy.  Cleopatra was so cute however and ran straight to Michael.  He immediately changed his mind about having a boy.  We then decided to get one of the boys from the breeder as well so that Jess would have a puppy.

It worked very well Jess and Colossus liked each other immediately.

For those that know how sad Michael has been since Hercules died I am pleased to report he is a very happy man.  He cannot stop talking about our little Cleo.  It is very funny to see a big grown man holding a teeny little puppy and making little goo, goo noises.

I don’t have pics yet, I promise I will add some soon.

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