Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Too much effort?

Today on the radio there was this discussion about an app for Facebook that tells you who unfriended  you. Unfriended may not be accepted by spell check but it is a real word now like google.  I actually really don’t care.  I only check on Twitter and the reason has nothing to do with ego but all to do with business.  I only have the space for x amount of following on Twitter and if they don’t follow back it is bye, bye.
I was surprised how emotional some people were about being unfriended.  I have 163 friends on Facebook and I am close to about 30 people.  Keeping track and saying ,“ Hi” often enough is hard enough.  If some people decide to say bye, bye I will even open the door.  Thinking of that song now how does it go? “Hit the road Jack.”  Actually that would be cool if you unfriend somebody and that music suddenly starts playing.  Are there any techies able to make an app like that? 
If you are one of the rare creatures that read my blog last year then you will know that Michael and I don’t have any friends.
I have my online friends who I see occasionally and I love them dearly but:
  • I get up at 6am and go to bed around 11pm.
  • Every day seems too short.
  • There are so many projects that I am working and I have a morning job.

I started wondering today if I really, really would like to have a full time friend besides for Michael.  See Michael is not work, all I he needs is the Discovery channel, his laptop and occasionally, I have to stop pretending to listen and actually listen to what he has to say.  His latest trick to get my attention is pretending to pull the power cable out of my laptop (the battery is officially fucked so it is a major crisis)  Also he cooks supper and cleans up and he keeps doing it for days before he decides that it should be my turn.
So this is what I was imagining.  I meet a woman about my age and she is strange enough to like me.  We start visiting each other and doing fun things together.  This would infringe on my rushing home to my laptop in the afternoons.  I would have to remember stuff and be all thoughtful about things.   I really, really feel she is going to be too much work, I have decided to unfriend her right now before it gets nasty.

                                             Two of my dear online friends, above.


  1. I have never been much of a groupie, but I must admit I am a big fan of the bloggess, what if I become a creepy fan and describe my blog as "I have imaginary friends because of who I am."

  2. You is what you is my dear. I love you because you live right here in my computer :-)

    1. You too my dear and don't worry you aren't imaginary.