Sunday, February 5, 2012

I really, really am not upset.

I have bad ass hay fever.  If it were simply a case of a runny nose, itchy skin rashes and constant sneezing I could deal with it,
  • my eyes turn blood red
  • my eyes start to itch and it feels as if they have sandpaper in them.
  • the lining of my eyes starts to swell until my eyes swell shut.

Saturday morning I woke up with really bad hay fever.  I had to go shopping before we left to fetch our new puppy.   I have found a homeopathic nasal spray that is the only thing that works for me.  The problem is my nasal spray was finished and we had no anti-histamine in the house.
I poured boiling water and a rooibos tea bag into a bowl and then put my head over it covered with a towel.  Steaming with rooibos helps me moderately.  After the steaming my eyes were open enough so that I could drive to the shops and buy my nasal spray.
The pharmacy did not have my nasal spray so I bought anti-histamine and the shop assistant was kind enough to bring me a glass of water to take it immediately.
Feeling a lot better because the swelling around my eyes was going down, I quickly did a bit of shopping.  
 A strange woman tapped me on the shoulder and said:
“Don’t worry dear things will get better.”
I thought she was completely crazy and I was going to run away quickly when I realised that I had blood shot and slightly swollen eyes that were watering like crazy.
I smiled and pointed at my eyes and said:
“Oh no I am not upset, just hay fever.”
My hay fever causes all types of trouble.
I have :
  • had stoners offer me joints.
  • been invited to AA meetings.
  • been unexpectedly consoled.
  • had strange sympathetic glances and the same people glared at poor Michael.

The worst is when I get the “yeah right” look when I say that it is hayfever.

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